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Streach Your Giving 
 We want to streach your donation so we are offering a unique way for you to double your giving through the Buy ONE- GIVE TWO program. Here is how it works. You buy one packpack for $30 and Edu-Pack will give that backpack and school supplies to a child in need here in the US. We will also give a second Edu-Pack backpack with school supplies to a needy child in a foreign country.
How can we do this?
We can do this because of two factors; first we are a complete volunteer organization. We have no paid staff, our warehouse space and utilities are donated, and we have virtually NO overhead so almost 100% of your donations goes to supporting the children. Second we have established relationships with supplies where we get top products for the lowest prices. So we hope you will help us help even more children by donating $30 so we can give supplies to a child here and one in a foreign country.
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